Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I recently took the facebook "Which of the seven deadly sins are you?" quiz. I am Sloth, as seen here (apparently Sloth is a sexy cartoon wearing fishnet stockings on her arms ...looking an awful lot like she's peeping through a hole in the wall...).

Actually, I'm not offended by the image (although definitely confused), but I AM offended by the accompanying write-up. Whoever wrote the quiz must also be Sloth. It seems that I am so...lazy... I need to "walk up", because I got stuff I do. (It's accurate here - I do got stuff I do, like eating, sleeping, working, ... the list could go on ... but I'm a ...Lazy..person.)

Fortunately there are (+) (it only took a few read-throughs to figure out that the + and - weren't just random typos), and thank goodness I'm such a relazed type of person, or I'd be pretty annoyed that you used "your" incorrectly and couldn't even type out the word "level". lvl? Did you clack this out in text mode on your cell phone? Were you driving, or maybe even sleeping?

Facebook, where are your filters? Quality monitors? Have I just identified a hole in staffing? Are you hiring?

Quiz creator, I (it's capitalized) dare YOU to get off the computer.