Thursday, September 24, 2009

Your's and Mine

I found this ad in the paper a few weeks ago. I suspected the spelling wasn't the newspaper's fault because of the stylized text. (I've blocked out the phone number and address to protect the offenders from the flood of prank phone calls that would surely pour in after this post is read by my thousands of followers.... feel free to read sarcasm here.)

So since it was an ad for a local business, I decided to make sure I was ridiculing the correct party (and if I was wrong, I guess I'd "come in & browse" - ugh! A big sloppy thhhppt! at the cheesy drop-shadow and messy font, but that's another blog...). Upon arrival I saw this:

And as I walked up, this (it's like the apostrophe leapt off in protest):

Aaaaaannnd for good measure:

Fashion with experience? [indignant snort]  Well, I guess you don't have to be able to spell "red" to tell someone they look good in it. Oh my, snarky girl.