Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soul Job

Trish passed this on to me - it's an article from the Victoria Times Colonist about a mega sewage treatment project in Victoria. Here's her comment:

Sewage and soul jobs - is that some sort of freudian slip? Well, it was for this report. Do you like the odd newspaper slip, oh queen of typ-oh! s? : )

And the link:

...for those of you who don't want to read it (the typo is in the 10th paragraph), here's the quote:

“The province would probably appoint a board, a quasi-public board... and they would be tasked with carrying out sewage treatment,” he [CRD chairman] said. “It would probably go out to a p3 proposal of some kind and our soul job would be as municipal councils to figure out how to raise the money to pay for it.”

Actually, it makes the CRD sound more caring and invested in the project - the peace of their souls is directly connected to the treatment of poo. Now that's civic dedication.